Understanding the Basics of PID Control

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The ability to tune a PID loop manually is an art that is quickly becoming scarce, but, like driving a car with a stick shift, it can be very helpful in the right circumstance. In industrial processes automation, most modern control loops are equipped with an auto-tuning algorithm, but in spite of this, there are some loops these automated methods cannot tame.

Having knowledge of the different tuning elements and how to adjust them can help you bring these unruly loops under control. If you have the responsibility to keep the processes running at your plant or factory, this webinar will help you better understand the basics of PID control.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The purpose of each of the PID tuning elements
  • How adjusting the individual PID elements will affect the process
  • General PID profiles for pressure / flow loops
  • General PID profiles for temperature loops
  • An explanation of some supporting parameters like cycle time, manual reset, and anti-reset windup


Rob Sink

Application Engineer

Rob has been with Yokogawa for 27 years working with our control instrument products. He works daily with customers answering technical questions as well as helping customers solve their control problems both in the office and on site.  In addition, Rob assists customers with their control strategies and product selection.  

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