Process Safety Systems – PLC vs Safety PLC

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When regulations like OSHA Process Safety Management mandate you to have a process safety system, there are a variety of solutions you are allowed to implement. And even though regulations may not have changed much themselves, recent accident investigation reports show a trend of stricter scrutiny for using current engineering practice RAGAGEP (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice). What should you be using for your automated system when there is a stringent safety requirement?

In this webinar, you will learn the differences between widely used process safety system types. We will also discuss:

  • The differences in technologies used (PLC vs Safety PLC)
  • How industry standards can influence the safety requirement of the system or equipment in question
  • The importance of safety & production
  • Practicality for RAGAGEP requirements


Gene Cammack, P.E., CFSE

Director of Systems Consulting Management

Gene Cammack is the Director of Systems Consulting for Yokogawa Corp. of America. Gene has 30+ years of experience in safety systems, automation and control systems in the process industries including power, refining, chemicals, pipelines and upstream oil & gas.

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Mr. Jeff Melrose is the Principal Technology Strategist for Cybersecurity at Yokogawa Corporation of America and has over 20 years of experience in Computer Security. Prior to his assignment with Yokogawa, Mr. Melrose was a Principal Security Engineer at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon designing secure systems for the US Military.

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