Introduction to Optical Spectrum Analyzers

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View our webinar on the many uses of an Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This 45 minute presentation covers the basics of light, the design, measurement, and test applications of an OSA. Initial subject matter will start with basic fiber handling tips, and recommendations on accurately measuring both Multimode and Singlemode fibers. In addition this seminar will cover the design of a diffraction grating based Monochrometer and discuss various wavelength specific applications ranging from Visible light, the telecommunications bands and even unique applications above the 2000nm region. The topics, and applications discussed will be applicable for use in R&D, Manufacturing, and Academic environments.


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Mr. Jeff Melrose is the Principal Technology Strategist for Cybersecurity at Yokogawa Corporation of America and has over 20 years of experience in Computer Security. Prior to his assignment with Yokogawa, Mr. Melrose was a Principal Security Engineer at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon designing secure systems for the US Military.

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