Digital Risk Management and Process Safety

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Monitoring the performance of safety systems can be difficult as a company continues on its journey to IEC 61511/ISA-84 compliance. However, if you believe the Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) represents the foundation of a functional safety management program, you are much closer than you realize! Yokogawa and Sphera have teamed up to enable PHA-Pro® to produce the configuration files required for the Exaquantum Process Safety Monitoring environment. The result is a Digital Risk Management solution that utilizes the entire process safety investment to date. In addition, it avoids any culture change and the constant add-ons, which are typically involved in lifecycle approaches simply to monitor Tier 3 and Tier 4 metrics as identified in API RP-754.

Throughout the presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Minimize additional training and configuration costs by standardizing PHA/LOPA reports
  • Focus on the appropriate severities by absorbing PHA/LOPA files into the Process Safety Monitoring environment
  • Eliminate unnecessary risk by identifying mismatches between operating data and assumptions during design
  • Optimize efficiencies by leveraging internal work processes rather than implementing new ones.


Taylor Schuler

Business Development – Advanced Solutions
Yokogawa Corporation of America

With over 20 years of experience in delivering solutions to the global oil and gas industries, Taylor Schuler has a strong knowledge of the entire process safety lifecycle, together with a strong interest in benchmarking for performance improvement. His broad organizational experience has seen him hold positions in c-level, group management, engineering, IT, operations, and maintenance which has led him to having an excellent understanding of SIS, BPCS, BMS, F&G, process historians, CMMS, APM and ERP systems.

Taylor completed a BS Physics degree at BS Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tennessee.

John Crosman

Lead Process Safety Consultant

John Crosman has been a process safety consultant with Sphera for over twelve years and leads a team of process safety consultants. An accomplished facilitator, Mr. Crosman has led PHA teams to complete many large-scale risk assessments covering hundreds of P&IDs across many key industries, and in most parts of the world. His experience also covers the broader risk management framework with understanding of such important activities as incident management, management of change, and tracking of risk assessment actions.

Prior to joining Sphera, Crosman spent ten years working in the process controls industry, working with SCADA systems and PLCs, process instrumentation, pressure regulators and control valves. He holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from McGill University, and is bilingual in English and French.

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