Defining Optimal Enterprise Architecture

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DX value delivery at scale requires high quality data to be accessible to the users and systems that rely on it. This means critical measurement, control, optimization, communications, and storage infrastructure needs to be in place, designed with adequate capacity and secured against mis-use and bad actors.

To achieve this there is an array of inter-related considerations needed across physical infrastructure, security, privacy and confidentiality, software infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure.

This interactive workshop will explore the ideal L1-L5 integrated technology vision to underpin and deliver optimum operability and competitiveness in industrial process facilities. This includes, among others, field asset lifecycle activities, capital project execution, control room operations and alarm management, legacy system upgrade / progressive compatibility, field operations, maintenance and virtualization, process / energy / combustion optimization, alarm management, collaborative information availability, remote operations and maintenance, advanced analytics, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity/IT services.


    Eugene Spiropoulos

    Industrial IT/OT Expert

    At Yokogawa Corporation of America, Eugene is a technology evangelist with deep knowledge across the industrial technology stack, including digitalization, digital twins, digital transformation, control systems, safety instrumented systems, PLC, SCADA, asset management, information management, MES/MOM, dynamic process simulation, and operator training simulation (OTS). He has 15 years of experience delivering digitalization solutions across the energy and chemicals industries. Eugene holds Bachelors and Doctorate degrees in Chemical Engineering.

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    Mr. Jeff Melrose is the Principal Technology Strategist for Cybersecurity at Yokogawa Corporation of America and has over 20 years of experience in Computer Security. Prior to his assignment with Yokogawa, Mr. Melrose was a Principal Security Engineer at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon designing secure systems for the US Military.

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