Data, Data, Everywhere... Yokogawa AI Makes Sense of It

Webinar Recording 

As we saw in Part 1 of this series, data is everywhere. We collect it, store it, view it in real time, and analyze it as best we can. But collecting all this data in one common location is just the beginning. Historical equipment data contains insightful information that when managed properly can help predict future conditions.

GA10 features powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. It learns what each piece of equipment’s “normal” operating conditions “look like”, then predicts and alerts of possible failures before they happen. This allows maintenance to be scheduled based on real operating conditions and equipment health, rather than time of service, saving time and money. Now that’s smart! Let’s put your data to work, with GA10 as a predictive AI analysis platform!

In this webinar, we will:

  • Introduce Yokogawa AI, including Sushi Sensors
  • Demonstrate GA10 AI Dashboard and simple setup
  • Discuss applications and real world examples


Teddy Jones

Network Solutions Technical Support Specialist

Teddy Jones has been with Yokogawa since 2010. He is currently a Network Solutions Technical Support Specialist, and has had previous roles as a Manufacturing Engineer (Flow products), Production Supervisor (TDLS analyzers), and Manufacturing Technician (TDLS analyzers).  Teddy has a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology from ITT Technical Institute, Anaheim, CA. Teddy has experience working with the Aerospace and Defense industry, the Food and Beverage industry, now with Industrial Automation. In his free time, Teddy likes to go for walks and fishing.




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