The Top 3 Reasons to Consider TDLS: Enhanced Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability

Webinar Recording 

The energy and chemical industry must embrace triple bottom line performance in order to to drive sustainability targets and achieve net-zero emissions, well-being of all, and circular economy. This involves placing equal importance on people, the environment, and profits, in order to drive sustainability outcomes which are existential to everyone. 

We at Yokogawa strive to accomplish this with innovation. Our latest TDLS makes plants significantly safer, improves resource efficiency, reduces air emissions, and contributes to enhanced asset profitability. 

Additionally, Yokogawa's TDLS8100 makes quick and accurate in situ gas concentration measurements, eliminating the requirement for sampling and conditioning components. This results in reduced installation and maintenance costs. 

In this webinar we will discuss the following:

  • ​What is a TDLS analyzer and how does its technology work?
  • Yokogawa’s new TDLS8100 probe-type analyzer and the entire platform offering and the entire line of gas analyzers​
  • Advantages of TDLS technology over conventional analyzer technology​
  • Applications where TDLS technology excels​
  • Common misconceptions and concerns around TDLS technology​
  • ​There will be question and answer session


Nathan Bryngelson

Product Manager

Nathan has a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Iowa. He started at Yokogawa as an Application Engineer in Test and Measurement and spent the last two years in Product Management.


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