Business Continuity with Remote Operations and Collaboration

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made this a challenging time for everyone as organizations carry out contingency plans to maintain business continuity. A key issue is strategizing how to deploy technology that can enable teams to safely and securely execute all of the functions that are essential.

Yokogawa is committed to providing services that can alleviate concerns regarding system maintenance. The requirement to work in an environment with heightened restrictions for on-site personnel means organizations must have the ability to support on and off-site locations safely and effectively. 

Yokogawa’s remote collaboration and operations solution, VPS Remote, allows manufacturers and process operators to monitor and manage continuous plant operations. Our Secured Remote Solution Services provide secured and controlled access to critical, actionable data any time, from anywhere, providing the following functions:

  • Remote Operation and Engineering – Enables operation and engineering from a remote control room, leading to efficient plant operation, saving time and cost.
  • Recovery – Yokogawa professionals provide immediate and accurate solutions, contributing to the minimization of mean time to recovery (MTTR).
  • Asset Inventory and Monitoring – Provides remote monitoring and management for preventive and predictive maintenance, improving the overall asset effectiveness throughout the plant life cycle.
  • Remote Security Update – Automates and standardizes the delivery and management of vendor-approved Windows operating system patches and antivirus signature updates.
  •  Help Desk for Incident Response – The worldwide network of Yokogawa Response Center and Security Help Desk provides 24/7 support, reducing downtime.


Joshua George

Lifecycle Services Sales Lead

Joshua serves as a Lifecycle Services Sales lead at Yokogawa. Over the last 15 years, he has worked in the process automation industry focused on supporting clients to enhance the value of their automation investments. In the current role, he is focused on supporting clients to enhance the availability and maintainability of the control system by deploying technologies that continuously improve efficiency, safety, security and reliability of the system.

Jay Holgado

Senior Application Engineer

Jay has a broad history in the application of Distributed Control System working as a Senior Application Engineer at Yokogawa. Over the last 10 years, he has been serving customers by delivering quality, secured and well-integrated systems. With the unending digital evolution, he also helps clients by providing safe integration technologies to their legacy ‘air-gapped’ systems on to the enterprise through Yokogawa’s Network Security solutions for continued plant visibility and optimized business stability.”

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