2016 Users Conference & Exhibition
October 3-6, 2016 | Orlando, FL
2016 Users Conference
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Save the Date

Plans are in place for the next Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition to be held October 3-6, 2016 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld Hotel.

The program is being designed to offer unique and exciting opportunities to learn more about Yokogawa's solutions and how they can assist you in achieving safe, reliable and profitable operations in your facility. With the event scheduled for 2016, there is ample time to plan your budget and justifications for attending, which include the opportunity to:

  • Learn about industry best practices 
  • Discover ways to increase quality and efficiency and lower operating costs through proven methods and use of Yokogawa products 
  • Network with fellow users, industry and business leaders, system integrators, representatives, and Yokogawa product and solution experts 
  • Attend hands-on workshops and seminars that will earn you Professional Development Hours (PDH) certificates 
  • Interact with many of Yokogawa's subject matter experts and value-added suppliers to see how these technologies and services can fit directly into your business model 
  • See the latest advances in Yokogawa products and solutions and learn about the future vision of the company 
  • Participate in Yokogawa product and solutions workshops 
  • Provide recommendations and help influence future product development 

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who are interested in looking into the Future of Industrial Automation and seeing how the technologies which progress one industry can move others forward as well 
  • Those who own, operate or integrate Yokogawa's industrial automation solutions or plan to do so in the future 
  • Those interested or involved in the upstream oil & gas, chemical, refining, LNG, or power industries 
  • Plant managers and engineers who have established goals of increased plant efficiency and productivity 
  • Individuals who want to learn and share ideas and best practices with product and industry specialists, systems integrators, representatives, suppliers, and fellow users 

The 2016 Users Conference and Exhibition will also feature a demo showcase for Yokogawa and its partners and suppliers to highlight industry solutions and products.

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Watch Simon Lam's Keynote from the 2014 Conference

Simon Lam, a senior executive in the chemical industry, delivered a keynote at the 2014 conference on "Current Industry Challenges & Expectations of an Automation Partner."

Mr. Lam gave his perspective of ongoing trends in the industrial automation landscape with an overview on the changes that are occurring around industrial automation in the process industries and why it is important to partner with a capable automation supplier to continue to be competitive in the future.

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Increased Reliability
Enhanced Operations

Over 6 million Yokogawa transmitters are installed worldwide.

Their reliability is guaranteed. Not only are Yokogawa pressure transmitters built to last, but they also weigh 30% less than other applications. The transmitters include a corrosive resistant covering to work within marine applications. Built-in over-pressure mechanisms are also included to protect your transmitters from process surges or improperly sequenced manifolds.

Read a case study on how Yokogawa's transmitters helped a reclamation plant become more reliable.

Simplified Maintenance
Enhanced Operations

Plants which utilize Yokogawa transmitters often see reduced maintenance costs of up to 33%. Improved long-term stability allows you to extend calibration intervals. Day-to-day troubleshooting is easy with the NE107 compliant alarms in the FieldMate software and intuitive error messaging displays.

Spare inventory can be reduced as all transmitters meet required saftey standards, work in flexible vent and drain locations, and have a high-turndown and range-ability which allows for fewer capsule designs. 

Read an app note on how these transmitters can help reduce time consuming maintenance via autolevel.